A discussion of my arguments with a friend over the existence of god

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David Hume (1711—1776)

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Near-Death Experiences as Evidence for the Existence of God and Heaven: A Brief Introduction in Plain Language - Kindle edition by J. Steve Miller, Jeffrey Long. Download it once and read it on your Kindle device, PC, phones or tablets.

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The Miracle of Theism: Arguments For and Against the Existence of God 1st Edition. i have to say, rob snyder is a flaming homosexual.

Teleological argument

for any grown man to be that obsessed with what another man does, only proves that snyder is in fact a homosexual. or he would not be so consumed the way the pickle puffer is with me. Moral arguments for God’s existence form a diverse family of arguments that reason from some feature of morality or the moral life to the existence of God, usually understood as a morally good creator of the universe.


Dear Friends: The following is an exclusive interview that will be published in the Winter issue of This nontechnical discussion sought to engage Flew over the Which arguments for God’s existence did you find most persuasive?

René Descartes (—) René Descartes is often credited with being the “Father of Modern Philosophy.” This title is justified due both to his break with the traditional Scholastic-Aristotelian philosophy prevalent at his time and to his development and promotion of the new, mechanistic sciences.

A discussion of my arguments with a friend over the existence of god
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