Advancing physics practical coursework

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Advancing Physics

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Who is this class for: The course is mostly appropriate for beginning graduate students and advanced undergraduates majoring in fields such as biology, math, physics, chemistry, computer science, biomedical and electrical engineering.

Applied Data Science Contact Person Brad Barnes Computer Science Department [email protected] () Description of the Program The Computer Science Department's certificate program in Applied Data Science is useful for students in a variety of mathematical, scientific, and engineering fields.

At York, you have the freedom to combine areas of study to create a unique program that meets your academic and career goals. Choose from more than programs across two campuses.

Consider a double major or minor to combine different areas of study such as Music and Physics or Psychology and Business to broaden your career prospects after graduation. advanced gce units, as and a level, fsmq, extended project and level 3 certificate final examination timetable june Contact Current Students.

For any enquiries about subject selection or course structure you will need to contact your Course Director. You can find the name and contact details for your Course Director in your offer letter or contact your School office.

Honors Honors Program in the School of Biological Sciences. The Honors Program in the School of Biological Sciences provides an opportunity for outstanding majors in the School to pursue advanced work in independent research via participation in the Excellence in Biological Sciences Research Program and earn Honors in Biological Sciences upon graduation.

Advancing physics practical coursework
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