Paper doll lounge charlotte nc

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The Paper Doll Lounge

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Charlotte, North Carolina but the original destination wasn't open. So, the next closest place that came up was Paper Doll Lounge.

Asheville Event List

I actually passed another place, Club Nikki's but I could tell by the volume of the music outside the building, that I wasn't in the mood for that atmosphere.

So, I proceeded to the Paper Doll. Now, I. 4 reviews of The Paper Doll Lounge "This place is the shit; when it's crackin. Has a nice, big, setting. They give great lapdances. You pretty much, can touch, most of the girls. The bouncers really don't trip.

They play good music in there. I /5(4). Nov 10,  · Venchi Love Club at The Paper Doll Lounge Chelsea Charles Scooda Sease Live CLub Onyx Charlotte NC ( The Paper Doll Challenge! How to Make One of Your Own - Duration. Charlotte, North Carolina Our all time favorites at the Paper Doll are: Barbie, Shannon, Katie, Sunshine, Nikki, Chandler, and Megan.

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Paper doll lounge charlotte nc
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